Outsourcing Training and Development

Modernizing L & D

Learning and Development (L & D) is fundamental to the growth of your company, regardless the size of your business. In order to remain competitive and sustainable, ongoing training is fundamental in supporting the needs of your company. Most companies are focused on trying to keep operational costs down, so they are choosing to outsource their training and development. According to ISG Research, the global outsourcing market amounted to $95.2 billion in 2018.

There are many different reasons why outsourcing is beneficial to a company. In-house learning often comes with its own challenges such as delays, time wastage, and inefficiency. Outsourcing training leverages the providers resources and expertise to deliver material the quickest most effective way possible. In turn this frees up staff to do their jobs, without distractions from ongoing training. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing L & D here by getsmarter.

Outsourcing training also saves time, and time is money. Time that would have been spent on developing in-house training can now be invested elsewhere into the business. It is also very flexible to outsource training, allowing the companies to exit or change the terms of the contracts without extensive penalties.

Let learn imrsv help you with your outsourcing needs. We use the most modern strategies and products such as Immersive Virtual Reality. Learning in Virtual Reality 4x faster than learning in a classroom setting and more effective for applied knowledge. In addition, learn imrsv offers online courses for specific training needs. Visit us today at learnimrsv.com! We got you covered for L& D!

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